Angel Bell
Angel Bell Charm

The Good Angels of like Bells and they are attracted by their sound; Evil Spirits cannot tolerate bells ringing and they flee. Bells are very effective to dissipate the Eye of Envy. Bells restore Harmony. Ring Angel Bells to clear any space from the dense energy that causes misfortunes and to fill it with goodness. Ring them to cleanse a person’s aura and to increase people’s well-being and good luck. During the Holy Week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, cover your bell with a white handkerchief and leave her alone; it is said that the bell’s spirit detaches from her body and flies to Rome, where, on Easter Day, she receives the blessing of the Holy Father and she joyfully joins her voice with St. Peter’s Bells. And then, she flies back home.

2023. I saw the Charm of the Seven Angels Little Bell in the Ethereal Dimension, where it already existed with the name La Clochette Des Sept Anges, and as soon as I saw it, I recognized that it was Good and Delightful so I brought it across. The Charm’s color is gold, the highest vibration.
Until now, even if little Bells have been used for over 4,000 years to create Sacred Space and to call the Good Spirits and repel the Evil ones, there were no instructions in the old books on how to prepare a Charm for la clochette as a Tool of the Art until the Renaissance. In the 18th century the Necromantic Bell of Girardius charm was published in the Parvi Lucii Libelus de Mirabilibus, The marvelous secrets of natural and cabalistic magic by the Lesser Albert, was sold by peddlers to thousands of city and country folk. The Bell of Girardius’ specific function is not to call Angels, but to invoke the 7 Olympian Spirits and to communicate with the dead. La Clochette Des Sept Anges is different and its function is to invoke the 7 Great Angels who stand before the Throne and who were assigned by the Almighty to rule upon the 7 Stars.
I love my little bells. They are not inanimate objects; they have Personality and Spirit and Virtue and they are Faithful. When you ring a bell and pray, the bell resonates with your prayers and it gains in experience and virtue. Ring your Bell! Hallelujah!
I have my mother’s bell and whenever I ring it, I feel she is near me. One day Mama sat me by her bedroom’s altar where an old painting of the Crowning of Mother Mary as the Queen of the Angels presided. Mama lit a white candle, she rang her silver and crystal bell, we recited Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, and after the Amen, she said:
“Carmencita, never give away your Angels Bell, it would be like giving away your best friend. When you die, leave your bell to someone who loves you. Las campanillas tienen espiritu y cada una es diferente y tiene una voz personal! Each bell has a voice. Even if 100 bells may be made in the same factory in the same day under the same atmospheric conditions and planetary alignments, the voices of las campanillas will not be identical because even a tiny speck of dust falling in the molten metal will cause individuality. Our human ears cannot notice these subtle differences but Angels hearing is perfect and they will recognize your little bell’s voice and say: Ah! That is Carmencita’s Bell calling! Let’s go! Keep in mind that the Angels only respond to your call with the permission of God and because it pleases them, not because they are forced like a slave; thank God for giving to the Angels, who are heavenly spirits of great sanctity, the task of helping us, human beings. Human beings cannot command the Angels but we can invite them and they will come. This is guaranteed! Consider that the Angels want you to call them because large numbers of demons are running amuck on this Earth and the Angels above are itching to fight them… but it is a requisite that they have to wait for our call to enter the battle field!”
For decades I have passed on my mother’s bell teachings. I have told those who asked: When you find a little bell whose sound you like, wash it with water and salt to remove the energy of those who touched it before you purchased it. Sprinkle it with Holy Water and dry it well with a white cloth; fumigate the interior of the bell with fragrant herbs or resins; prepare a 7 Candles Plate in honour of the 7 Archangels and (during the Waxing Moon and on the day of the week that corresponds to the Planetary Day of your Birth) light the candles; ring the bell and say: God our Father! Bless this instrument prepared in your honour for our benefit and your Glory! May this bell be + hallowed + consecrated in the name of the + Father, and of the + Son and of the + Holy Ghost. Amen.” Read Psalm 148 and Psalm 91 and then, in the Name of God, ringing the bell, invoke the names of the Seven Angels in the order that they stand in the Septagram, the Seven Points Lucky Star; extinguish the candles and repeat for 6 more days and on the 7th day, let the candles be consumed. It is highly recommended to start the Angels Septenary with the recitation of “August Queen of Heaven, Sovereign Mistress of all the Angels” and the prayer to your Guardian Angel.
If to these lore instructions of how to awaken a bell, you add my Charm, the virtue of the bell will increase exponentially and instantly. The charm is free under the usual Fair Copy Right conditions.


TALE: Those seeking happy encounters and marriage ask for the assistance of St. Raphael because of the role that the Archangel played in the marriage of young Tobias and Sarah. The petitioner can adapt the words of the traditional formulas to his/her circumstances. For instance if the person is still young at heart but he/she has passed the childbearing age. It is customary to light a candle and recite periodically the prayer until the happy connection occurs. People whose marriage is in trouble also invoke St. Raphael requesting his clarity, his intercession and healing.

TIPS: It is counselled to acquire an image of Archangel St. Raphael and this could be just a simple devotional card or a print. Many folks use the St. Raphael vigil candle encased in glass that can be found in all Latino groceries stores; this format is a convenient three-in-one, the candle has an image on the front and prayer on the back. To light at least a tea candle honors the Angel and helps the petitioner to focus his/her request and intention. I post the photos of my one candle plate and my seven color candles plate offering to Archangel Raphael.

All candles present the opportunity to explore the divinatory art of ceromancy, by observing the way the candles burn and deciphering the figures formed by the wax. I prepared the seven colors plate on behalf of a lady friend and thus I wrote her and his initials on the center of the plate. The plate can be prepared without drawing the star and the planets. To follow the path of the Lucky Seven Points Star, first, I lit the candle of Mercury because the petition was presented on a Wednesday, the day of the planet ruled by Raphael. Second, I lit the purple candle corresponding to Thursday. And so on, I lit the other candles in the planetary order of the days of the week. 

It is beneficial to copy the prayer formula with gold or green ink on white paper and to place it under Raphael's icon; this letter should be signed, read out loud and then folded in a clockwise direction as seen in the photographs.

It is traditional to recite a prayer over the needle before using it to inscribe the candles, one Our Father and Ave Maria will do. You will find the beautiful instruction of how to consecrate a magic needle in Handbook of Angel Lore, page 484.

To enhance the presentation of the request, I offered eight carnations because the number 8 is the number of the magic square of Mercury and Raphael. I also placed close to the plate, a small card with the Charm of Mercury and a card with an Angelic ring letters device called Abre Caminos (Open the Roads) for 2019.

You will find more in the Handbook of Angel Lore.
Candle Lore, page 109 to 117.
The Letter, writing, reading, folding and burning it, page 127-128.
The Magic Needle, page 484.

Glorious Saint Raphael, Patron and lover of the young, I feel the need of calling to you and of pleading for your help. In all confidence I open my heart to you to beg your guidance and assistance in the important task of planning my future.

Obtain for me through your intercession the light of God’s grace so that I may decide wisely concerning the person who is to be my partner through life. Angel of Happy Meetings, lead us by the hand to find each other. May all of our movements be guided by your light and transfigured by your joy. As you led the young Tobias to Sarah and opened up a new life of happiness with her to holy marriage, lead me to such a one whom in your angelic wisdom you judge best suited to be united with me in marriage.

Saint Raphael, loving Patron of those seeking a marriage partner, help me in this supreme decision of my life. Matchmaker find for me a life companion, a person whose character may reflect some of the traits of Jesus and Mary. May he/she be upright, loyal, pure, sincere and noble, so that with united efforts and with chaste and unselfish love we both may strive to perfect ourselves in soul and body, as well as the children it may please God to entrust to our care.

Saint Raphael, Angel of chaste courtship, bless our friendship and our love that sin may have no part in it. May our mutual love bind us so closely that our future home may ever be most like the home of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Offer your prayers to God for the both of us and obtain the blessing of God upon our marriage, as you were the herald of blessing for the marriage of Tobias and Sarah.

Saint Raphael be my Friend, for I shall always be yours. I wish to invoke you always in my needs. To your special care I entrust the decision I am to make as to my future husband/wife. Direct me to the person with whom I can best cooperate in doing God’s Holy Will, with whom I can live in peace, love, and harmony in this life, and attain eternal joy in the next. Amen.

In honor of Saint Raphael say, one Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us! 

O Glorious St. Raphael, Archangel of healing, intercede for our marriage today. Bring to our marriage the same heavenly gifts you brought to Tobias and Sarah, the celestial graces of healing, deliverance and marital unity. Infuse into our hearts the peace and confidence that nothing is impossible with God concerning the renewal of our marriage. Rekindle in our marriage new forgiveness, new humility, new grace, new peace, new purity, new trust and new love.

O St. Raphael, one of the seven who stand before the throne of God, intercede to the Merciful Father for the miracle of peace and reconciliation, through the infinite merits of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the consoling power of the Holy Spirit.

O blessed Raphael, guide us in the pathway of marital peace and unity. Most loving Archangel of healing, I believe in you, I trust in you and I thank you. Amen.

In honor of Saint Raphael say, one Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.

Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us! 


TALE: Ceromancy is the art of divination with wax. There are three major methods. One is the reading of the wax drippings of a consecrated candle in water or on paper. Another is the reading of the markings on the glass of a vigil candle. My favorite is the reading of the wax seal left by ritual candles on a white plate, may it be the remnants of a single candle, of a “velon” (thick candle) or of multiple candles.

The way the candles burn, the speed at which they are consumed, the flickers and the size of the flame, the color and the direction of the smoke, the way the wax drips, the way the wax flows, fans and pools, all have meaning and constitute the language of candles. During the process, transient and meaningful figures appear. Once the candles are consumed and the wax solidifies, the seal is observed by turning and tilting the plate in the search of the stable figures. 

I offered this plate to the Matchmaker, Archangel Raphael (January 2019) on behave of a lady friend and her suitor. The couple’s two white candles, her and his, were set in the center of the plate surrounded by the seven colors of the rainbow. The couple’s candles “kissed” midway through the burning. Later on, they merged at the base and their wax flow formed a single white heart. Heart-shapes are good signs especially when they appear in a Matchmaker plate. 
The yellow candle of the Sun melted first. The last one to burn was the blue candle of Saturn. Its tears formed the transient figure of a standing female body. I see her almost fainting with sorrow, her head and her hips leaning on the candle’s column for support while close by on the plate the wax forms several transient healing green hearts. The blue standing female morphed into a water fall. The blue waterfall stopped its advance on the plate when the white heart appeared. This led the molted blue wax to form the remarkable final figure of the Woman in Blue. 

The Wax Seal is auspicious and rich in figures.



In the center of the plate I see a cosmic spirit, Feather Medicine Woman. She emerges from the mixture of all the colors but the purple and the red dominate. She appears in profile, facing the left. There is a white circle, like a small moon or a star touching the top of her head. In front and behind her head there are two green cabochons, reminiscent of two cosmic eggs. Her head is uncovered and her long hair is loose and flows down her back. She wears a long and loose fitting tunic with wide sleeves. She is engaged in a sacred dance. In her left hand she holds a shamanic tool, a handle topped by a red feather. It appears as if the feather is moving. It seems to me that there is another feather behind this feather. The activation of the medicine tool emits ethereal plasma that looks like a plume of pink luminous smoke. A red flower appears.

As I turn the plate, I see additional figures in the purple-red zone. I see several bears, a raging dark hound, a panther and a bat with an open mouth full of fire.  


The photo stabilized an anomaly of the light and it appears as if there is a closed right hand with the index finger pointing up at the center of the body of a bat. The bat is in flight over a sea of lava, its wings are extended. Its head is turned to its left and its red moth is open. The two ears and the top of the bat’s head are defined by the blue wax. Below the bat, a wave emerges from the lava and on the crest of the wave appears a red flower.


On the edge of the plate and from behind the left top side of the bat, I see a protective three dimensional female spirit. She is not the “biggest figure” on the plate but she is the “tallest figure”. She emerges in violet, white and pink and she projects the archetypical energy of the Divine Mother. I see her from the waist up. Her long loose hair partially covers the profile of her face and flows over her left shoulder. She is looking down into the blue zone scene. Her white right hand reaches over the head of the bat to touch the head of a blue woman who is kneeling in front of the white heart. Divine Mother’s left hand is gently placed on the bat’s head pacifying and enchanting the creature. This aspect of the bat is a very positive figure and it announces rebirth.

When the Waterfall of Tears encountered the White Heart, the blue wax flow morphed into the figure of a tridimensional kneeling woman. The Woman in Blue is seen with her back to the bat and facing the White Heart.


When I zoom in this small clump of wax I can see her sweet face framed by a long veil. The veil covers her back head to toe. Her breast are well formed, her left hand rests on her folded legs while her right hand rests on the rim of a circle. She is thinking of a wedding ring. The circle is open towards the left side of the plate; the consumed wick rests away from her, the grief for the husband she lost is receding. The right side of the circle’s rim where she rests her other hand is thick and strong and it seems as if a new ring with a diamond emerges from the ocean of her tears.  


The green wax of Mercury and the white wax of the Moon mingled to form the figure of the Moon Horned Green Man. He appears full of excitement. His right arm is raised and his left wraps around the head of a lamb lying down. The lamb has a companion; from behind the rump of the first lamb I see the head of the second lamb peeking out. When the Green Man figure is turn on its side, it appears like a supernatural White Hound. 

Connected to the Moon Horned Green Man and the two lambs appears a female spirit. She exhales ethereal plasma similar to the substance produced by the activation of the Medicine Feather.

I see her reclined left profile. The back of her neck is supported by a luminous mushroom. Her mouth is marked by her luminous breath and there is a tiny air bubble position in such way that it reads like her eye. Above the mushroom I see her hair tied in a knot with a translucent hanging feather. Her breath manifests a pink hummingbird.


This perfect cameo of Djinn, the Elemental Lord of Fire and King of the Salamanders Nation faces the left. He appears crowned with pink horns. He presents solar features; he has a large rounded forehead and a prominent and willful round chin. His small pointy nose curbs upwards, the corners of his small mouth curb downwards. Under his raised eye brown, a diamond shines within his eye. A magnificently formed flower appears in the lapel of his red molten lava mantle. Djinn is under the jurisdiction of Archangel Michael.

The Yellow Hat King shows his left profile. His enlighten face is thin and elongated; he has a pointy chin, a thin and long neck and large earlobes. He smiles blissfully. His hands are in the mudra of prayer.

TIPS: For clarity it is best to buy the seven color candles from the same maker. The candles from different manufacturers will burn a different rates and this interferes with the language of the candles. The amount of left over wax will also will vary and this interferes with the figures of the seal. It is important to anoint, to position and to space evenly the candles.
Once the request has been granted, burn the letter outside.

Read more:
Candle Lore, Handbook of Angel Lore: pages 109 to 119.
The Perfect Doctor, Saint Raphael Archangel by Father Francisco Garcia.



The Archangels are extraterrestrials. The "ring letters" that compose the charm are authentic and they were collected from many ancient books and scrolls. They are referred to as the "Holy Lord Charakters" and the letter K is a correct spelling of this ancient technology. The combination was downloaded by performing an Abre Caminos- Open the Path - with three Seven Candles Plates (2+0+1+9=3). The complex ritual lasted 7 days. It began on the Sun-day before the Solstice and was completed on the Saturday of the last Full Moon of 2018 with the blessings of the 8th Fire of the Ojibwa. The shaman, the magician and the mystic came together to obtain this gift from the Seven Princes. The device is ready to use, may all beings benefit.

You can download this image by right-clicking and "save image as" to your computer.

TALE: The Three Flying Saucers
I am looking out the window to the gray winter sky. The rays of the low dying Sun flash in between the clouds. It feels like Time stands still. I hear a faint musical hum. The sound gets stronger. Suddenly three gyrating, luminous white flying saucers appeared in the S-W. I am transfixed. With effort I note that I can see them clearly but I don't see the branches of my maple tree or the fence or my neighbors house. I tell myself I must be having a vision. As soon as I think this, the gyrating UFOs flip and now I can see them standing like plates on their thin edge. They are not flying saucers, they are flying plates! The three plates have written 2+0+1+9 in the middle. The one on the right has golden numbers on the lip, 1 to 7 in clockwise direction. The one on the left radiates rainbow light. The third plate is marked with a gold seven pointed Star, seven gold arms candles sticks and seven planetary symbols in a particular order. The plates vanish in a flash of light and a sequence of seven characters written on flaming gold appears in the sky. I blink and my backyard returns to normal. I have a knowing that the sequence of Charakters is an "Abre Caminos" (Open the Roads) device for the New Year.

For the popular Latino ritual of Abre Caminos normally only one Seven Colors Candles Plate or one Seven Days Candle (white) or one Rainbow Candle is used. To obtain this device I prepared the three plates as I had seen them in the Sky. The artifact is ready to use. Give it a try. 

There are many ways and levels of how to use this charm. It is better to place it where one can see it periodically because everytime we rest our eyes on it, it connects with the Seven Sovereign Spirits. It may be placed on an altar, and/or on the fridge's door and/or facing the home door and/or in a wallet or inside a "bowl of wishes". To bless pets, touch it to their forehead and to bless plants, bury it in their pot. It can be folded and rolled. You may replicate it many times and gift it. If the physical card deteriorates before the end of 2019, burn it and make a new one.

Activation: Express gratitude to God for having placed the Seven Angels, who are heavenly spirits of great sanctity and dignity, at the service of man. Thank God also for the Wisdom of the Ancestors who taught us how to call the Angels and how to make Angels charms. Thank the Angels for responding to our call. The charm activates everytime we look at it and smile.

1st mode: Take a deep breath and exhale. Think how wonderful it will be if by just resting your eyes on this charm on your screen all the obstacles on your old path would dissolve and new paths and doors open, presenting you with great opportunities. Rest your eyes gently on the Charackters, smile, take a deep breath and exhale. Contemplate the charm for a few moments, breathing with ease. Then close you eyes for a count of seven. When ready, open your eyes and thank God for sending his holy Angels to clear your path and thank the Angels for their presence.

2nd mode: Do the same as instructed above and after the initial address to God, Lord of Lords, chant or resonate the Angels names in this order: MI-CHA-EL. GA-BRI-EL. CA-MA-EL. RA-PHA-EL. U-RI-EL. A-NA-EL. CAS-SI-EL.

3rd mode: Manifest the charm in the physical dimension by copying it from the screen or by downloading and printing mine. Trace it with gold ink. Gold gel pens cost little and you can get one in any craft store; they are very useful because it is the color of the highest vibration and gold attracts abundance and divine energy; you may use the same pen to empower your name or to write your goals and requests on other occasions. To gild multiple charms is a pleasant focus meditation. Before gilding, thank God and chant the seven names as instructed above. You may light a candle, burn incense, offer a white carnation and ring a bell if you have one.

Once you have manifested the charm, just by glancing at it with a smile, it will be activated. This is the reason it is a good idea to place it where you can see it passing by.

Thank the Angels every time you notice a good thing on your path. If the favor is big, then express your gratitude with a small action repeated 7 times in honor of the Seven Angels, like giving 7 socks to 7 homeless people, or bringing 7 items to a food bank or giving out 7 charms or perform the Angelic Week or the Seven Consecutive Mondays.

Photographs don't show well the wax seals left after burning the candles. The seals were read and the figures indicated a strong Angels presence. Many indicators pointed to the relevance of the eclipses in 2019.

Archangel St. Michael, Leader of the Angelic Hosts, should be invoked often during 2019. Invoke the Seven Archangels at least during the eclipses. Even if the eclipses are not overhead in your region, their energetic influence will be strong. Implement the traditional protocols: Pregnant women, children, elders and the sick remain indoors with doors and curtains closed; they may watch the eclipse on tv. Pray, do not leave food on the table, do not eat or drink, burn incense. If you have to or choose to be outdoors, then shower, apply deodorant and dress with clean clothes. It is important to cover the head and to wear a protective charm and sweet smelling perfume. The smell of human beings attracts spooks. When you return home after the eclipse, take another shower and wash your clothes.

January 6: Partial Solar Eclipse.

January 21: Super Blood Moon Eclipse.

July 2: Total Solar Eclipse.

July 16: Partial Lunar Eclipse.

November 11: Rare Transit of Mercury.

December 26: Annular Solar Eclipse.

You can find more about Angelic devices in the Handbook of Angel Lore:

Charakters-Ring Letters, on page 302. 
A Revival of the Holy Lords Charakters, on pages 505 to 512. There you will find a collection of 200 Charakters.
The Seven Candles Plate, on page 346.
The Seven Days of the Week Candle, on page 347.
The Wish Bowl Spell, on page 350.
New Year Candle Spell and the Burning Man, on page 351.
The Rainbow Candle, on pages 352-353-354.
Eclipses on pages 416 to 422.


TALE: Burning the Old Year.

Burning an effigy of the Old Year Man is a purification ritual originating in ancient pagan practices. For millennia, similar rituals have being performed by many cultures. By transmuting the past with fire, it allows the regeneration of time. It is done to detach from the bad luck and negative energies (sorrows, catastrophes, disappointments, failures) of the period that is closing. The effigy of the Old Man is made by family and friends with old newspapers, rags and even fireworks; size does not matter, it can be a small doll or a giant. Bigger is maybe more exciting than smaller, but it is better smaller than none. It is done in the spirit of celebration and the burning is always followed by a food feast.

TIP: Even if this ritual is like a party, take a moment to connect with God and his Good Angels. Hug the effigy before hanging it. Close your eyes, relax your breath and think how wonderful it would be if all that weighs you down and all that you suffered could be transmuted by the flames into amazing good fortune for the future. Wish it to be so. Then imagine that you can actually feel the effigy absorbing like a sponge all the negative conditions from your past that are at the root of bad luck, including evil eye, malice, curses and spooks. When ready, first smile and then open your eyes, release the effigy and clap your hands three times. During or at the end of the burning you may bang pots and pans or fire crackers because it is effective to ward of spooks and evil spirits.

If it happens to rain at midnight, then lay the Old Year indoors over a rectangle shaped cardboard or a small carpet or a pillow cover. You may feast and toast as the effigy lays in wake. You may burn it before sunrise if the rain stops or as soon as the weather permits but after sunset. If the guests must leave before the burning, cover the effigy. Take photos to share the burning.

TALE: 2019 Bowl of Abundance Candle Spell

The Bowl of Abundance is an attraction device. It can be made at any time and it will work for the rest of the calendar year. At the end of the calendar year and before activating the New Bowl it is necessary to dispose of the old one outdoors. While spreading out the contents of the bowl on the earth, thank the Creator for the many favors, big and small, you received during the year past.

For a basic bowl of abundance you need:
1. One small bowl.
2. Rice and lentils, to attract with each grain a blessing.
3. One small candle. Hanukkah candles are an ideal size.
4. Four small coins to open the roads so that wealth flows from the four directions.
5. A chocolate or a candy for sweetness.
6. Something painted gold: Walnuts magically align with Jupiter and richness; bay laurel leaves align with the Sun and success; 12 lucky peanuts for 12 lucky months.
7. Incense.

Once the bowl is assembled, I light the incense and the candle and say:

Greetings Lord God my Creator! Only you are Eternal! I give you praise for life and love, grant me favor. You are the Master of Time, yours is yesterday, today and tomorrow. You reign upon every minute of each hour and as it was at the beginning it will be at the end.

I light this flame to usher a good and prosperous new year on earth! I call upon this bowl of plenty, the abundant gifts of your Seven Golden Angels: Michael, Gabriel, Camael, Raphael, Sachiel, Anael and Cassiel. Seven Angels of God, grant us favor and may each day of 2019 be filled with joy and grace. Praise to God.

Words have I spoken, deeds shall be done. And all that I have spoken, by the grace of God and with the help of his Good Angels, will succeed. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Once the candle is consumed, I place this attraction device in the kitchen on a high place (top of the fridge or shelf) until the end of the calendar year. I cover it with a white handkerchief during eclipses.

TIP: I trace the cosmic cross with Seven Whites (seven pure substances, no salt) others trace it with sugar or flour, no salt.

To further energize the bowl you may:
1. Recite Psalm 65.
2. Copy with gold ink on white paper a prosperity verse, for instance, Psalm 65: 11:
You crown the year with Your goodness,
And your paths drip with abundance.
3. Place into or under the bowl the Angels charm for the New Year (see: Ancient Alien Technology Device-The Gift of the Angels for 2019).

You will find more in the Handbook of Angel Lore:
The Wish Bowl Spell, page 350.
New Year Candle Spell, page 351.
The Power of the Psalms, pages 286 to 296.
The Seven Whites, page 256.


The reverse candle acts like a lightning rod that attracts and removes harmful energies, vibrations, spirits and ghosts. Archangel Michael is often invoked to assist and his icon is placed next to the reverse candle.

1. One glass.
2. One white saucer.
3. One white pillar candle.
4. A sharp knife.
5. Blessed water and coarse sea salt.

Try this over the sink first:
Fill a glass with water to the rim and add a generous amount of sea salt. Place a white saucer on top of the glass. Hold the glass and the saucer with one hand on the saucer and one hand on the glass. Hold firmly and with a fast move, turn upside down; the water will not spill. You have now reversed the glass.

Cut the original top of the white candle, this is now the bottom of the reverse candle. Turn the candle around and with a knife shave the bottom exposing the wick. This is now the top of the reverse candle.

Using a helper candle drop some melted wax on the top of the upside-down glass containing the water. Affix the reverse candle.

Light the candle and place it in front of the entrance door. When the candle is consumed dispose of the salt water and candle drippings outside.

Observe how fast the candle is consumed. A three-hour pillar candle that has been cut and reversed should burn naturally for at least for two hours. If it burns faster, it is an indication that the energy in the house is very dense.

Repeat this ritual until the reverse candle takes at least two hours to burn. You may place multiple reverse candles around the house. If any of them burn in an unusually rapid way, repeat the ritual in that precise place.

TIPS: Water is a universal solvent and salt transmutes negative energy. When joined these natural properties are enhanced. The virtues of the reversal device may be enhanced by:
1. Blessing the water and the salt.
2. Rue, fresh or dry.
3. An Archangel St. Michael's icon and the Prayer to Saint Michael.
4. Placing underneath the plate the Seal given by Angel Michael to King Solomon.




An amulet is an object that protects the wearer from dangers and attracts good fortune. A talisman is an amulet that has been specifically consecrated to favor a particular person. Amulets work for whoever wears them while talismans work for the person for whom they were intended.

The most famous talisman in history was fashioned for my ancestress Catherine de Medici (1519-1589), Queen of France and patron of Nostradamus. She wore permanently the small medallion until her death. It was made from a mixture of metals that had been melted during a favorable astral conjunction. The front summons the auspicious union of Venus and Jupiter to obtain for the Italian born Catherine the legitimacy to rule as a regent and the necessary vision to protect the rights of her children to their father's throne. The back of the medallion summons the powers of Archangel Anael, Grace of God, and Hagiel, the Spirit of Venus, so that the woman who was a mistrusted outsider and a disliked foreigner demonized by her enemies may attract the love and support of the French people.

The medallion is a talisman because it was made specifically for Catherine by her Court physician and astrologer Jean Ferrell and thus it includes her particulars such as are the initials of her children. I removed the Queen's personal data from the talisman's design and produced an amulet that can be used by anyone wishing to be valued and loved. The magic design works even if it is simply printed on card stock and anointed with a drop of rose oil. You can draw it by yourself or you may print mine for personal use under the fair copyright rules.

Or, you can smile, take a deep breath, relax and rest your eyes over the amulet on the screen. Do this for a few moments, first contemplate the front, then contemplate the back. Say: In the name of God, come ANAEL! come, Grace of God! come ANAEL! Close your eyes and imagine a bright and warm light the color of roses all around you. Imagine that as you breathe in and out this pink light, you are breathing in and out the essence of Divine Grace and Loveliness and you begin to radiate irresistible loveliness and grace. When ready open your eyes and enjoy the afterglow.


Many magicians, among them Nostradamus, worked wonders for Catherine of Medici in a laboratory that she had specially built in the discreet castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire. After her husband King Henry II was killed in a joust, as foreseen by Nostradamus, the Queen and the astrologer held sessions in Chaumont invoking Anael to reveal the destiny of her children and of the crown.  

I translate from Eugene Defrance’s account of the famous divination mirror of Chaumont: 

After preparing a rectangular plate of shiny steel, well-polished and slightly concave, Nostradamus wrote on the four corners of this mirror, with the blood of a male pigeon, the following names:

Then he placed the mirror in a new cloth, very white. And one evening at the beginning of the year 1560, while the new moon slowly rose above the woods of Chaumont, at the first hour that follows the sunset, Nostradamus approached the window of the laboratory, opened it and, looking to heaven with great devotion said:

Eternal Lord! Eternal King! God who have created all things for the love of me, and by the hidden plan that you have for the well-being of mankind, look at me, Nostradamus your unworthy servant, and consider my pure intention. Deign to send me your angel Anael over this mirror, to mandate, command and order his companions that are also your subjects and whom you have created, Oh Almighty, You who have been, who are and who will be forever. That by your name the spirits may pray and act in righteousness to instruct and to show me what I will ask them.

Then Nostradamus threw saffron, which is the appropriate perfume for Anael, over burning coals in an iron censer, and always praying, he added:
In this (saffron), by this (saffron) and with this (saffron) that I offer before your face, O mon Dieu! Who are tri-une, who are good and you who from the most sublime elevation sees far beyond the cherubs and the seraphs and you who will judge the centuries by fire, hear me.

In pronouncing these sacramental words, Nostradamus perfumed the mirror, holding it in his right hand over the burner from where it raised the fragrant saffron smoke and repeated three times the previous oratio to the Eternal Lord.

After the prayer, the magician blew three times on the mirror and said, again: Come, ANAEL, come ANAEL, come and may it be your pleasure to be with me by your own will in the name of the Almighty Father, in the name of the Son, most wise, and in the name of the Holy Spirit, most kind. Come, ANAEL, in the name of terrible Jehovah! Come, Anael, by the virtue of immortal ELOHIM. Come, Anael, by the arm of all mighty MITTATRON! Come to me, Nostradamus, and order your spirits and subjects that with love, joy and peace, they shall make my eyes see things that are hidden from me. Amen.

Then he returned to the window, raised his eyes again to the starry sky and pronounced this supreme conjuration:

Lord Almighty, who moves whatever pleases you, hear my prayer, and may that which I desire be agreeable to you. Please, Lord, look at this mirror and bless it, so that ANAEL, one of your subjects, may descend over it with his companions to satisfy Nostradamus, your poor and wretched servant. Oh God you are the most blessed and most exalted of all celestial spirits, you who lives and reigns in the eternity of the good. So be it.

Slowly, Nostradamus made the sign of the cross over his chest and over the mirror, a sign that he repeated for forty-five days, every night at the same crepuscular hour.

Finally, on the forty fifth day at nightfall, the angel Anael appeared to the magician under the form of a beautiful blond child who greeted him and announced that he and his spirit companions were ready to obey the orders of Nostradamus.

The latter thanked the vision, and asked it to appear in the mirror or to make appear, every time that he expressed his desire, personalities, evocative shapes and forms.

The day after, around midnight, Catherine of Medici was finally admitted in the laboratory. With the help of a blessed wooden cross, carbonized to great extreme, Nostradamus had traced on the floor the double magic circle, in accordance to the data contained in the grimoire of Pope Honorius, and arranged on this geometrical figure: a human skull, a tibia, one lamp with a pale flame and a sleeping cat in a magnetic slumber.

The mirror had been placed on the mantle of a fireplace where logs, sprinkled with Oriental saffron, were burning. Crouching in the middle of the double circle, wand in the right hand, Nostradamus made the summoning call:

In the name of Almighty God in whom we live, we move and we have our being, I humbly supplicate the Angel, guardian of this mirror, to appear!
These words pronounced with extreme energy, the angel Anael appeared. Catherine of Medici told the Angel all that she expected from him and Nostradamus added to her words:

I humbly beseech the spirit of the mirror to grant me the favor of a vision that is relevant to me and is instructive.

Attentive, Catherine looked in the mirror. At first the polished steel plate only revealed a mysterious interior, of dark and imprecise corners. Then, the vague contours of three ghosts were outlined in a thick fog. With gesture and with words, Nostradamus, touching the mirror with his wand, restarted the conjuration and threw again oriental saffron into the fireplace. Then there was a sudden change on the metal plate. The lines of the personages were accentuated, the thick vapors tore and Catherine of Medici recognized her three sons. Moving within the mirror, each shadow completed a number of rounds along the walls of the phantasmagorical hall. Francis II walked around only once, Charles IX fourteen times and Henry III fifteen times.

But suddenly Catherine flinched when she recognized Henri of Bourbon, her son in law, who twenty one times went around the hall. Nostradamus told the frightened queen that her third son would die murdered and that Henri de Bourbon would succeed the last of the Valois for a period of twenty one years. This came to be.

After that the shadows disappeared and Nicolas Pasquier tells that after this everything became invisible and the queen mother did not want to see any more.

The mirror became once more empty and clean, Nostradamus uttered three times the dismissing formula:

In the name of God Almighty, I dismiss from this mirror all the spirits who have descended upon it; and that peace of God be forever between them and me.

Catherine was satisfied. She knew that she will remain attached to the crown of France and in power for thirty more years. As predicted, each of her three sons became king and died, but also as predicted, her bloodline survived through her daughter Margaret de Valois, spouse of Henry IV King of France.

The mirror of Chaumont is not for the faint of heart. It is an interesting invocation and we learn from reading it even if we have no intention of re-enacting the ritual in its full form. Note that Nostradamus specifically invoked Anael and his companions and not any other mirror-spirits. The spirits that Nostradamus asked the Archangel to bring into the mirror are neither Angels nor demons but they may be difficult to handle without Anael, the Grace of God.

In the region beyond the mirror also dwell nasty entities, trapped souls and demons. Any entity can come through the mirror when the portal is opened without purification and guardians.

Bones are powerful protectors and human bones are the most powerful of all. Human bones are used in many traditions; the Tibetan lamas drink from a skull cup and Catholics display the miraculous bones of the saints. A human skull and a tibia are not difficult to obtain but the spirit will bring great misfortune when not handled properly. To care for such things is extremely laborious. In all rituals I use a simulacrum instead of human bones.

You may use a crystal skull or a colorful crafted Mexican Catrina or a plastic skull or a hand drawing of a skull and bones. Invoke upon the simulacrum the spirits of your ancestors and not the spirits of the dead in general. The blood of a male pigeon may be substituted with red ink and it is easy to master the skill of placing a cat in a magnetic slumber, if you like cats.


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