What is your Zodiac sign? If you were born under Leo then your Zodiac planet is the Sun and your Zodiac Archangel is Michael. Scroll down to find your Sun's charm.

Modern astrology, including the Zodiac signs, originated in ancient Chaldea. The wise ones, the magi, observed and studied the personalities of the seven planets and formulated their qualities and their magic areas of influence, such as love, wealth, health and so on. They knew that sometimes the stars are propitious and sometimes they are not and they developed charms, sigils and rituals to favor the optimal astral energy flow. Most importantly, they discovered the names of the Seven Archangels who are in charge of ruling and supervising the seven planets. The planetary Archangel, when asked, may assist us to foster what is beneficial and deflect what may be harmful. This list of Planetary Angels names is different from the list of the names of the Seven Princes received from the mystics. Note that Raphael in his Planetary Archangel role rules over Mercury and Wednesday. However, from the point of view of the mystics he is number 3 and his day is Tuesday.

What day of the week was the day of your birth? In our calendar the day starts one second after midnight. In Chaldean astrology the day began at sunrise. Those who were born after midnight but before sunrise need to make a simple but important adjustment to find out what is their real planetary Day of Birth. The planet of the Day of Birth has a great influence in a person's life and it is not the same to be born on the Day of Mars (Tuesday) than to be born on the Day of the Moon (Monday):

1. If the date on your birth certificate falls on a Tuesday but you were born before sunrise, then consider that you were born during the Twelve Hours of the Night of a Monday and your Archangel of the Day is Gabriel.
2. If you don't know the Hour of Birth, then there is no way to determine for sure your planetary day and it is custom to adopt the day written on the birth certificate. Your personality may guide you: if your traits are clearly more martian than lunatic, then it is a strong indicator you were born on a Tuesday and not on a Monday and vice-versa. 


We cannot avoid the influence of the planets and we need to know how to approach them with caution. The wise magi devised charms to enchant them, to put them in a good mood and ask for a favor. These 7 charms are my own original composition of great ancient charms and they are very effective. The central figure is not an Angel; it is called an imago and it is at once akin to a magic portrait of the Planet in a pleasant form and to a magic calling card. I copied the planetary imagos, and the two lines of angelic characters (also called ring letters) under them, from the Picatrix. I copied the sigils of the planets and the seals of the planetary Archangels from the great magus Cornelius Agrippa. You may print my charms on good card stock for personal use under the fair copyrights rules.

To connect with the Archangel of your Day of Birth, on his week day prepare a simple altar with a handkerchief or a doily on a flat surface. Place on it a flower and the planetary card. Light a candle of the planet's color and call your Angel: In the Holy name of God, Archangel (name) ruler of (name of the planet) stand by me (your name), bless me and protect me! Good Angel of God, under your watchful eyes and guidance, may (name of the planet) bring me good fortune!

Is Mercury retrograde creating havoc with your communications? Place his charm close to your computer and phone. You may use the Angelic Planetary Charms when a planet is retrograde to filter what is harmful. You may also use the charms to magically propitiate any goal or need. For instance if you yearn to find a romantic partner, on a Friday light a pink candle, first pray to God and then invoke Archangel Anael over the charm of Venus or if you need your business to grow, do the same but light a green candle. For a court case or a promotion use Jupiter's charm. If you need the courage to stand to an oppressor, excel in sports or rise your metabolism to lose weight, use the charm of Mars, and for auspicious surgery use the charm of Mercury, the Healer, along with the charm of Mars, master of the knife. If you are weighted down by depression or grief, use the charm of Saturn to release it along with the charm of Venus to fill your life with love, beauty and joy.

It is not a good idea to call upon any spirit before invoking God and his good Angels. Sorcerers do that. Always call God first, second the Archangel, and third, the Planet. For instance: In the Holy Name of God, Archangel Anael, Grace of God, come down from where you dwell and stand by me. In the name of Archangel Anael, Gracious spirit of Venus present yourself in your most pleasant form, be propitious and grant me (this or that).


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Day: Sunday
Sign: Leo
Color: Gold. Yellow.
Magic Square: 6x6
Positive influence: Leadership and authority. Vigor and courage. Success, richness and security.
Negative influence: Megalomania. Pride. Jealousy. Greed. Anger and aggression.
Matters: Vitality. Victory. Success. Advancement. Fame.


Immortal Lord Michael shines like the light of the Sun in the summer. He appears as a radiant young warrior very tall and strong. In his splendorous planetary role the Archangel's immaculate wings sparkle with gold. His skin is golden tan and his eyes are the color of rich amber. His thick golden hair flows down to his shoulders. He wears a gold armor encrusted with diamonds over a short blue tunic and over his shoulders he wears a bright scarlet mantle. He carries in his right hand a sword or a spear and he may wear a gold helmet with feathers.


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Day: Monday
Sign: Cancer.
Color: Silver. White.
Magic Square: 9x9
Positive Influence: Intuitiveness and sensitivity. Fertility, nurturing and kindness. Modesty. Clairvoyance and psychic abilities.
Negative influence: Frigidity, Laziness. Insecurity. Neediness. Indifference. Irrationality and madness.
Matters: Dreams, secrets and messages. Divination. Marriage, family and domestic affairs. Travel by water. Relations with women and children. Women and children's medical issues.


Immortal Lord Gabriel shines like moonlight reflecting in a mirror of calm water. He appears as a tall solemn man with soft beautiful features. In his planetary role the Archangel's immaculate white wings have a silvery tinge on the edges. His luminous body is clear as crystal and his pale skin is radiant. His eyes and his hair are chestnut color. His long tunic is made of the purest and whitest of linen and its girdle with a belt of silver and mother of pearl. He may hold in his hand a white flower, or a water cup, or a red ruby lantern and a mirror, or a writing feather and a scroll. 


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Day: Tuesday
Zodiac Sign: Aries. Scorpio.
Color: Red.
Magic Square: 5x5
Positive influence: Vigor and vitality. Energy and action. Bravery and courage. Strong leadership, competitiveness and dedication to hard work.
Negative influence: Boisterous and quarrelsome. Anger. Aggression, Violence. Cruelty. Brutality. Destruction.
Matters: Male sexuality. To ignite passion. To protect from fire and violence. To stand up to an abuser. To defeat enemies. Matters involving military, police, firefighters and judges. To win court cases and freedom from prison. Victory in sports. Success in surgery.


Immortal Lord Camael shines like the flames of a roaring fire. He appears as a fierce warrior with powerful arms and colossal legs, a celestial giant as tall as a raging volcano and he is breathtakingly handsome. In his planetary role the Archangel has two great flaming wings. His piercing eyes are like molten lava. His fiery hair is tied up high on a pony tail and it looks like he is wearing a great plume of flames on top of his head. He wears red leather armor with iron fittings decorated with iron studs and rubies over a short scarlet tunic. His massive muscular legs are encased in leather leggings and he wears red sandals. He holds a short sword and/or an iron mace.


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Day: Wednesday.
Zodiac Sign: Geminis, Virgo.
Color: Green. Orange. Multi-color. Maroon.
Magic Square: 8x8
Positive influence: Versatility. Intelligence. Communication. Curiosity and cleverness.
Negative influence: Restlessness and short temper. Dishonesty and deception.
Matters: Health. Travel. Trade. Commerce and contracts. Science and learning. To influence people. Matchmaking. Relations with siblings.


Immortal Lord Raphael shines with the Light that makes blind men see. He appears as a handsome young traveler dressed for the road. In the splendor of his planetary role, the Archangel' white wings are tinged in the edges with orange and green. His hair and eyes are hazel color and soft. His robe may be green, orange or multi-color and his mantle orange, green or brown and fasten with a mercury amalgam clasp. His belt is made of intertwining silver and gold and adorned with turquoises and topaz. He carries medicine, perhaps in a turtle shell box hanging from his belt, perhaps in a vial. He carries a travelers staff, or a caduceus staff of intertwined serpents or a fishing rod. He may appear accompanied by a child and a fish.


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Day: Thursday.
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius. Pisces.
Color: Royal Purple. Royal Blue.
Magic Square: 4x4
Positive influence: Joviality and optimism. Independence and assertiveness. Honor, mercy and generosity.
Negative influence: Self-righteousness and fanaticism. Extravagance, greed and wastefulness.
Matters: Luck. Legal affairs. Commercial transactions, financial speculation and gambling. Riches. Honor. Leadership. Public Activity. Promotions. Status and Power. Relations with persons of authority and with the father.


Immortal Lord Sachiel shines like the flames of merciful love. He appears seated on a throne as a mature man of regal figure, tall, good looking and strong. In the splendor of his planetary role, the Archangel 's white wings are tinged with purple and blue. His eyes flash like lighting but his demeanor is kind and magnanimous. His luminous gray hair flows down to his shoulders. He may wear the crown of kingship encrusted with amethyst and lapis lazuli stones or a simple brass ringlet of oak leaves. He is dressed in a long blue robe under a royal purple mantle pinned with a clasp made of tin. His belt buckle is made of bronze. He may be holding in his left hand a scepter topped by an orb and in his right hand a staff, or holding a lighting bolt and accompanied by an eagle.


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Day: Friday.
Zodiac Sign: Taurus. Libra.
Color: Pink. Green.
Magic Square: 7x7
Positive influence: Love, pleasure and beauty. Female sexuality, sensuality and pleasure. Arts and music. Social affairs and luxury.
Negative influence: Coldness. Isolation. Promiscuity and lechery.
Matters: Anything related to the heart. Joy, grace and delight. Love affairs, courtship and marriage. Growth. Success in business and partnerships. Friendships and garden magic.


Immortal Lord Anael shines with the hues of dawn like the Star of the Morning. He appears very tall, lovely and radiant. In the splendor of his planetary role the Archangel's white shimmering wings are translucent and tinged on the edges with soft pink and green. He presents himself as a smiling androgynous youth handsome like a boy with the delicate features of a beautiful girl. His skin is white as snow and his eyes are emerald green. His hair is the color of red copper and curls graciously down to his slender and rounded shoulders. He is crowned with a ringlet of roses and bay laurel leaves. His fine clothes are iridescent; he wears a green cloak fastened with an copper clasp adorned with emeralds and underneath the cloak, his delicate tunic is pink like the roses. His belt is of fine leather adorned with turquoise stones and the buckle is of highly polish red copper. He may appear accompanied with a small boy, a rabbit or a turtle dove. Sometimes he holds a rose or an apple.


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Day: Saturday.
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn. Aquarius.
Color: Black. Dark Blue. Brown.
Magic Square: 3x3
Positive influence: Intelligence. Trustworthiness. Tenacity, dedication and discipline.
Negative influence: Depression and isolation. Resentment. Oppression. Pain.
Matters: Time. Mysteries. Longevity. Wisdom. Death. Grief. Inheritance and real estate affairs.  To dispel curses and break hexes. To protect from black magic. Pest control. Farming. Orphan children and the enslaved, the poor, the down-trodden and the oppressed. Relations with elders and ancestors. Archaeology.


Immortal Lord Cassiel shines like a star-lit sky on a moonless night. In the splendor of his planetary role the Archangel appears as an older man, very tall, slender and extremely good looking. His wings are the color of black iridescent onyx that shimmers with hues of dark blue. His cast-down eyes are black like obsidian. His hair may be ebony or ivory and parted in the middle framing his sorrowful face and it is very long and very straight. He wears as a crown three radiant stars mounted on a simple ringlet of lead. His tunic and his cloak are the color of the night and they sparkle with sapphires and black diamonds. His belt is black with lead studs. He may appear holding an hourglass or a sickle and he is often accompanied by a black cat or a black panther, or a raven. He may appear with a crown and riding a dragon and carrying a spear.

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