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Take a deep breath and exhale. Rest your eyes on the Seven Princes.
Smile softly and gently scan the image.
Thank God for having placed these heavenly spirits of great sanctity and dignity at the service of man.

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Each one of the Seven Sovereign Spirits is your Angel Prince. On Sunday, Day 1, St. Michael is your Angel Prince; on Day 2, Monday, St. Gabriel is your Angel Prince and so on until Saturday when St. Barachiel is your Prince. If I need assistance on Tuesday, I call St. Raphael and if I need assistance on Friday, I call St. Jehudiel.

The Christian mystic tradition reveals the names of the Seven Princes of the Apocalypse and their specific order. The Prince's number indicates, among other things, what day of the week corresponds to each Angel. This is at the core of The Septenary, an Angelic devotion that is performed for seven consecutive days starting on a Sunday. Each day honors the Seven as a group and the Prince of the day in particular. Renowned Angelic scholars recommend to perform the Septenary at least once a year. Even if it is a spiritual practice, it can be performed to obtain assistance anytime that a person is in trouble or in need. If what we requested is granted, we should express gratitude to the Lord and to His Seven Princes for the favor. Many devotees offer alms-giving in the Princes' names, such as a pair of new thermal socks to seven homeless people or a food donation to seven food banks. 

What day of the week was the day of your birth? It is felt that we share a special bond with the Angel Prince of that day. I was born on the fourth day of the week, Wednesday, and I consider this day naturally auspicious for me. On Wednesdays I praise my Prince St. Uriel Archangel and I visualize him holding his symbolic implements as seen in the antique images.

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Michael means Who is like God?

His title is MICHAEL VICTORIOUS and his motto reads: Paratus ad animas suscipiendas. Ready to receive souls.

We see Michael crushing the dragon under his feet while holding the standard of the Cross and the palm of victory instead of the battle sword.

Antiphon of Saint Michael:

There was silence in Heaven, while the Dragon engaged in battle, and Michael fought him and obtained victory.

V. Prince Michael, come to the aid of your people.
R. And he remained to help the souls of the righteous. 

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Gabriel means Strength of God.

His title is GABRIEL AMBASSADOR and his motto reads: Spiritus sanctus superueniet in te. The Holy Spirit will come upon you.

We see Gabriel holding a lit candle inside of a lantern and a mirror of jasper. This symbolizes that he is the first interpreter of the divine illumination. He holds the divine source of Light protected within the lantern and he proclaims it to all, which is signified by the reflecting mirror.

Antiphon of Saint Gabriel:

The Angel came in unto Mary and said: Hail, full of Grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed are thou among women.

R. The Angel of the Lord announced to Mary. Alleluia.
V. And she conceived of the Holy Spirit. Alleluia.  

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Raphael means Medicine of God.

His title is RAPHAEL DOCTOR OF SALVATION and his motto reads: Viatores comitor, infirmos medico. I accompany the travelers, I heal the sick.

We see Raphael with a vial of medicine and holding the hand of his protegee Tobias who carries the fish. The fish is a core symbol that identifies Raphael and it is a reference to the Book of Tobit.

Antiphon of St. Raphael:

Prince Raphael said: I am one of the Seven who stand before the Lord. And he enlightened the blind Tobit, captured the demon and relegated him to the desert.

V. Peace be with you, do not be afraid. Alleluia.
R. The Lord has fulfilled your prayers. Alleluia. 

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Uriel means the Fire or the Light of God.

His title is URIEL STRONG COMPANION and his motto reads: Flamescat igne charitas. Inflame with Charity.

We see Uriel with a resting sword and a flame near his feet. The fire signifies the Charity of God and the flame burning near the Angel's feet symbolizes that Uriel is prompt and ready to inflame the hearts of those who seek God.

Antiphon of St. Uriel: 

O Uriel, splendor of the Divine Majesty and strength of the undefeated power, flame of ablaze charity, illuminate our minds so that we are not induced into temptation and preserve us with the sword of your power.

V. Extend, we ask, your sword, O Holy Uriel.
R. In aid of your devotees.  

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Sealtiel means Prayer of God.

His title is SEALTIEL ORATOR and his motto reads: Oro supplex et acclinis. I pray, I supplicate and I incline.

We see Sealtiel in perfect pious prayer, his hands raised to his chest in devout supplication; his head is bow with respect and his eyes are raised humbly to the Lord.

Antiphon of St. Sealtiel: 

Great minister solicitor of God's mercy and noble advocate of all the faithful, we pray that you, blessed Sealtiel, consider our human frailty; so that you do not abhor our grave excesses and thus not disdain to always pray for us and you imitate our Redeemer Jesus, who seated at the right hand of the Father, the Eternal God, deigns to be our advocate.

V. Let us invoke the help of Blessed Sealtiel.
R. So that we merit forgiveness. 

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Jehudiel means Confession or Praise of God.

JEHUDIEL REMUNERATOR is his title and his motto reads: Deum laudantibus praemia retribuo. I reward with gifts those who praise God.

We see Jehudiel with his symbolic implements, the crown and the whip.

Antiphon Of St. Jehudiel: 

O Jehudiel, watchful spectator of our works and likewise remunerator, Minister of the wisdom of God, guardian of Virgins, who gives the crown to those who combat legimately, and who punishes with the scourge those who have erred: give us counsel and help, again we pray that you speedily rise us from offending errors.

V. O Lord, prevent us with your mercy.
R. Before we feel the scourge of your anger because of our sins. 

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Barachiel means Blessing of God.

His epithet is AUXILIARY and his motto reads: In oportunitatis, in tribulationes ne derelinquas nos. In opportunity or in tribulation, do not abandon us.

We see Barachiel holding the fragrant flowers of the God's Heavenly Garden in his robe. These flowers of God's Garden are His blessings and Barachiel is depicted distributing them.

Antiphon of St. Barachiel:

O Saint Barachiel, minister of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and minister of divine grace and blessing, pray to God that He may instill in us the spirit of fortitude, the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of truth, with which we can resist the snares of demons, the fragility of the body and the world, as well as resist darkness and sin, and that we may do holy work.

V. Give us, Lord, the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
R. For the intercession of Saint Barachiel who assists before you. 

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